Cooperation is the change

A simple, but with deep meaning, slogan: the principle of CO-RESPONSIBILITY. There can be no real  change in the world, if it’s not shared and supported by everyone. What it’s often underestimated is  the responsibility that everyone who chooses a product assumes at the moment of purchase. The  choice of a product carries the choice of a production system. The producer’s responsibility is taken  during the process of creating the product, therefore, it falls in part also on the person who buys it. With their purchase, the customer becomes a financier of that production system, expressing their  consent for it to prosper and grow over time.

Producing a zero net-emission Parmigiano Reggiano

Hombre believes in the value of sustainability, in all its forms. As a next step, it has set itself the goal of producing a zero net-emission Parmigiano Reggiano. For this reason, Hombre has carried out an analysis of its climate-altering emissions during 2021 with the aim of studying possible activities to mitigate them and compensate residual emissions that it’s not able to reducing at the moment (Find out more about Hombre Carbon Neutral and the Compensation project here).
However, Hombre wants to create a shared path together with its customers and to do that, it has  decided to make a new and special proposal.

With our customers

We want to make Hombre Parmigiano Reggiano Carbon Neutral with our customers. Therefore, Hombre will only offset the residual emissions attributable to the product that customers buy as Carbon Neutral. Instead, Hombre will not compensate for the product emissions that customers decide to  buy as a conventional product.

Thus, sustainability is a goal to be achieved together, and Hombre cannot realise it without all its  customers sharing the same intention.

Il fieno dei nostri campi infatti è il naturale nutrimento che le nostre 300 mucche trasformano con grande generosità in latte genuino, principale ingrediente che insieme al sale, al caglio e al tempo, nelle sapienti mani del casaro, darà origine al “Re dei Formaggi”.
Il nostro Parmigiano Reggiano è riassunto e testimonianza di questo percorso nonché della filosofia di Hombre e della secolare cultura e tradizione di questo territorio.

Hombre Farm into the future

The future Hombre Farm will be made together. We win and we lose together. And working together.  We produce a ZERO NET-EMISSION Parmigiano Reggiano together.

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