Our story

Modena. 30 acres of farm. A Dream. Since the beginning, Umberto Panini had clear ideas about Hombre, thanks to his gorgeous past experience where he used to face new challenges day by day. From here, Hombre story has started. Umberto Panini called his business Hombre. Hombre is an extreme summary of his personal story (which crosses Venezuela as well) and a declaration of human being’s work importance in any aspect and process of this business. The challenge of a revolutionary business, born and eradicated in Modena’s territory, history and culture which looks forward in the future.

The main principles of Hombre are animal well-being, cheese quality, social protection and environmental sustainability. Since the origins in 1992, hombre decided to convert into Biological system, whose process was completed in 1996. One of the first businesses of the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano which believed in the Biological and decided to adopt it.
These principles still are the basis of Hombre’s decisions and future.

The territory

Today, Hombre owns a surface of more than 500 acres, which are all cultivated according to the biological agriculture’s principles. From our lands the process leading to the production of our Parmigiano Reggiano starts.

In fact, the hay of our fields is the natural food that our 300 cows transform with great generosity into genuine milk. Milk is the main ingredient which together with salt, rennet and time, thanks to the cheesemaker, will give birth to the “King of cheese”, the Parmigiano Reggiano itself. Our Parmigiano Reggiano is the witness of this path, as well as of Hombre’s philosophy and of the secular culture and tradition of this territory.